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Holistic Self Awareness:
Expanding into your full potential

We are constantly searching for someone to give us the answers, to tell us what to do or where to look at.


This is a path for those in search of reaching their own truth.

A learning process about one's self that allies the holistic understanding of the being from Traditional Chinese Medicine with somatic bodywork based on touch and attention, connecting the understandings of the mind with the experiencing of the body. It offers an in-look at the complementary dualisms of life — mind and body, thoughts and feelings, masculine and feminine, consciousness and unconsciousness, action and inaction, subtleness and strength - to tap into your unique and individual balance.


East and West meets as an offer for you to rise into your own power through the understanding of one's self as an individual and as part of a whole.



Conscious Understanding

From Pai Lin's taoist philosophy (Cemetrac) and Dr. Jou Eel Jia's holistic coaching (Ch'an Tao Shiou Hsing) comes the millennial teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Studied through the modern lens of neuroscience, it proposes a profound understanding of what limits us from expanding into our full potential and the infinite possibilities of real internal transformations that can be reached. 



Emotional Awareness

From German-Israeli Grinberg and Pantarei Approach comes the somatic bodywork experience that connects our mind with the emotions lived in our body. It's a return to our natural ability of learning and perceiving through all our senses, where touch acts as a guide of our attention, into our most profound feelings and emotions. An exercise of creating an honest and individual exchange with yourself and the ones around you. 


The basis of this holistic self-awareness process


We all have our beliefs, and every belief is limitating. That in which we believe affects how we think, becoming the lens thru which we see the world and define our experiences in life. Understanding these limitations allows us to comprehend how our thoughts shape who we are and creates the reality in which we live in, with a direct impact on our state of mind and emotion. 


Knowing does not mean understanding, and understanding does not mean being aware. Between knowing and being aware lies the patterns that keeps us in the repeating mode of our reactions, which is the greatest obstacle for us to reach real transformation. All the imbalances in health comes through stagnated energies and blockage of the natural flow of our internal forces.  Looking into our patterns of acting, thinking and feeling allows us to break with what keeps us stagnated in old reactions, stopping us from flowing freely into the new. 


We privilege so much the dominance of the mind as the source of comprehension that we have created infinite labels to define rationally our health imbalances and disorders, leaving aside the most fundamental quality of these alarms that goes off: the ability to connect with our body to reach the root of it all.  Knowing is different from experiencing.  Experiencing life depends in our body coming together as a whole, not only in on mind.  Pain is a form of communication, manifesting a discomfort with something that is no longer in harmony within us. Instead of paying attention, we try to shut it off, numb it or ignore it, to avoid feeling the pain.  And in this escape process from pain, we have unlearned how to feel entirely. We avoid getting in touch with our feelings, or limit to rationalising on them.  To awaken the senses in our body is to create an individual access of intimate observation to learn about our individual flow of emotions, that in its duality holds the key to all our somatizations and also the path to the evolution of our consciousness. 


Deepening self-awareness through presence, attention and touch. 

Want to take this work to your city? Create a personalized encounter with you team? Intermediate a conflict situation? Or co-create an out-of-the-box idea with this instrument of self-understanding?


“Viviane has a singular sensibility to read in the body the points that require integral development. Vivi was fundamental in my journey, reading that which my body was telling me and I didn't want to look at. Enormous thanks for this special practitioner."

Eduardo Seidenthal

"With all her knowledge and sensibility, Vivi is able to show us a path of self healing with almost a magical efficiency. After years living through many pains in my body, I met this wonderful some that guides me through an inward journey of self-awareness and liberation. There are no words to express my deep gratitude and admiration."

Regina Cuca Lazarotto

"At the time I was feeling a bit depressed, without strength. And I found myself opening up to her. She read me. She felt me. And would instigate me, "Move a bit like this, move a bit like that..." At some point, I started to feel a vital energy flow in my body, a quality of energy I didn't know I had. Emotions came up, and images that I had lived in the past came to my mind. I received them and integrated them to create a new me: a "new version"that is stronger, more vigorous and powerful. She gave me life that day. I still carry that session inside of me. I am grateful for her and everything she is in my life."

Felipe Perestrelo